Tips to Dating a Younger Woman

When dating a younger woman or thinking about dating younger, there are a few tips to follow so your relationship stays healthy. There are benefits of dating younger and there are negatives. If the negatives are settled right away, you should have a strong relationship. One of the most important tips for dating a younger woman is to act your age and allow her to act hers.

Remain Mature

If you are in a relationship with someone much younger, maturity may be part of what is attractive to her and may be what makes you unattractive later. There is a fine line between being a sexy older man and just being an old guy. Complaining about how your body hurts or how you aren’t young is probably a huge turn-off. Don’t hide that you are mature, just don’t complain about your aches and pains. She wants your wisdom, knowledge and chivalry. Give her all of those and allow yourself to experience her world every once in a while.
Dating younger women

Let Her Act Her Age

If she is much younger, you may be in different places in life. She is young, so appreciate her that way. Don’t draw her away from her world, rather enjoy hers and allow her to enjoy yours. It is nice to be prepared to take her to special social events, where her peers would go. Advice and acting critical of her age may feel like you are treating her like a child, so it is unnecessary. When you treat her like an equal, even though you are older, you will be that much more attractive to her.

The Reality

The reality is that even if you date a younger woman, there will be lazy days. It won’t be all clubs and craziness. She will get tired and want to just stay in and watch TV. Expecting her to always be excited and hyper is probably going to end in some disappointment.


Reassurance is highly needed with most women. Honesty about your past is important and reassurance that she is who you desire in your life is important. Her self-esteem can be damaged if she isn’t reassured enough. This will also allow her to trust you.

There are many tips for dating a younger woman, but really it isn’t much different than dating a woman your age. Make compromises internally for the things you may not understand, as she will have to do the same. If the chemistry is great, keep reminding yourself of why you two are attracted to each other and the relationship will grow.

5 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

As a guy, meeting women can be a challenge, but for men that are shy, it is even more difficult. Most shy guys find it difficult to meet women because they have a hard time talking to them. If you are one of those guys, these five tips will help you overcome your shyness, help you start communicating with women, and if used properly, get you a date.

Look For Someone You Share Common Interests With.

A lot of people find it easier to talk to people that share the same interests as they do, as a matter of fact, that is how most friendships are formed. Dating shouldn’t be any different. If there is a girl at your school or job that has the same interests as you do, use that as a tool to start up a conversation. Since you both enjoy the same thing, you should be able to keep a conversation going on the topic. If the conversation goes well, you should ask her if she wants to hang out or go on a date sometime.

Do Something You Are Comfortable With.

A lot of guys make the mistake of trying too hard to impress their dates, and end up making a fool of themselves. Try not to be like those guys. Think about it this way, she agreed to go out with you, which means that she is interested in you. Don’t go overboard by trying to impress her with something you don’t know anything about, stay in your element, and everything will be fine.

Go Out With Friends.

If you feel you won’t know how to act or what to say if you are alone with your date, suggest going out with a group of friends. Having friends around will take a lot of pressure away from you because there will be one or two people who are the life of the party. Having friends present also makes it easier for you to loosen up and be yourself, which allows your date to see you in a different light than she normally does.

Don’t Overthink Things.

Most shy people tend to overthink a lot of things, this can be an advantage sometimes, but not when it comes to dating. Some shy people can work up the nerves to ask a girl out, but then talk themselves out of going on the date by overthinking the situation. You need to remember that it is just a date, so if things don’t work out, all you have to do is say your goodbyes and go your separate ways. If you both have a good time, it could become a relationship. The bottom line is that you won’t find out if you don’t go, so don’t talk yourself out of going on the date by overthinking it.

Make It About Her.

When you go on a date, remember to compliment your date and try to ask her questions about herself. Asking her questions gives you something to talk about, and it also shows her that you are a good listener, which means a lot to women. When the conversation shifts to you, try not to brag too much, because most women don’t find it attractive.